Possible WhatsApp alternatives

Anyone who uses WhatsApp must bear in mind that the application accesses the address book of their own mobile phone. WhatsApp works on this principle: the contacts must be identified via the data from the address book before it is possible to communicate with all of one's contacts via WhatsApp. So WhatsApp can access the entire address book, SMS messages, calendar entries and pictures.

In addition, the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has resulted in the phone numbers from the address book also being shared with Facebook. Users within the EU are protected by a decision of the EU Commission from Facebook being able to use this data for advertising without being asked. However, by amending its general terms and conditions, Facebook has now granted itself this right in other countries such as the USA. The demand for privacy-compliant alternatives to Whatsapp has increased for these reasons. It makes a lot of sense to inform yourself about such messengers and to use them.

More and more messenger apps offer encrypted communication, handle the data of their users more carefully and are simple and convenient. The Infoportal for more security on smartphones and tablets Mobilsicher has tested WhatsApp alternatives and explains their advantages and disadvantages: