Popular genres on YouTube

YouTube offers a huge range of different genres and topics and thus leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled. If users are looking for instructions on how to build an individual shelf, YouTube offers a variety of helpful videos. In the same way, for example, fitness workouts are offered. So YouTube is not just a way to be entertained. It is a social platform that offers a helpful video for many concerns, in addition to comedy and music.

Let's Plays

Let's Plays" are videos in which a person plays a computer/console game live in front of the camera and comments on it. The viewers are entertained by their favorite games and the comments of the YouTuber. In addition, a "Let's Play" also offers solution suggestions, tips and tricks that enable faster progress in the demonstrated game.


In the field of beauty and lifestyle, YouTubers mainly deal with so-called "tutorials". In these, they present the latest braided hairstyles or make-up trends and show viewers how they can recreate them. But tutorials have also become very popular in other areas. For example, there are also tutorials in which guitar or piano playing is taught. Tutorials in relation to technical applications such as PowerPoint or Photoshop, instructions for baking and much more are also available.


Hauls", in which the mostly female YouTubers present and recommend their latest achievements - be it care products, make-up or the latest items of clothing - also enjoy great popularity.

Pranks and Challenges

Pranks involve pranking other people while filming with hidden cameras, similar to the TV format "Candid Camera". There are different types of pranks. They are very popular among YouTube couples. Even though YouTubers always present pranks as humorous, they often ridicule serious topics (e.g. coming out as gay, abortion). Pranks are supposed to seem real to viewers, but are often staged.

In challenges, YouTubers set themselves various challenges. These are then copied by young users and shared on YouTube or other social networks. There are also some dangerous challenges, for example the "Kiki do you love me Challenge" (young people dance next to a moving car) or the "Bird Box Challenge" (mastering everyday situations blindfolded, such as crossing streets, based on the horror thriller "Bird Box").

Vlogs and follow-me-arounds

Here, YouTubers take their fans into their everyday life with the help of the camera. The videos can relate to individual days, events or even a longer period of time, e.g. a trip. Vlogs or follow-me-arounds are often shot with a shaky camera, contain (seemingly) spontaneous scenes and convey the feeling of participating in the YouTuber's life.