Final Conference SocialWeb - SocialWork

More than any previous generation today’s youth - the so-called ‘Digital Natives’ - use the manifold opportunities of the Internet for their personal development and identity building. Unfortunately, minors belonging to high-risk groups such as vulnerable children and youths are literally falling through the net.

This is where the EU project SocialWeb - SocialWork steps in: socially and educationally disadvantaged children and youths are less likely to get sufficient guidance from their family or through their school education, if they go to school at all. To reach them, new areas of work with children have come into focus. Social youth work can contribute to the Internet safety of these young people.

For two years the project partners from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Spain, coordinated by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Germany, developed and piloted a training approach for professionals working with children and youths at risk. The project aims to improve the online safety of their young clientele, taking into account the different backgrounds of social youth work in the countries involved. For this purpose the perceived usefulness of the training, the professionals’ improved awareness of risks and counter measures and any changes in their educational approaches and activities are assessed.

Experts, stakeholders and professionals working in the field of children and youths at risk on a European and international level are kindly invited to participate and discuss how to strengthen the efforts to keep the target group of vulnerable children and youths safe online by availing the positive energy and influence of social work.

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