High level meeting of the Alliance to better protect minors online: from Statement of Purpose to delivery

The objective of the event is to present the Statement of Purpose of the Alliance and discuss the next steps for its delivery in the context of Safer Internet Day, the flagship global event on child online safety promoted by the European Commission. The meeting will bring together members of the Alliance and other relevant stakeholders, including young people, to discuss possible implementing actions and seek synergies among the Alliance members to improve child online safety.



  • Welcome in the Foyer
  • Opening speech by Claire Bury, Deputy Director General (DDG) from DG Connect
  • Safer Internet Day (SID) 2017: how stakeholders across the world are joining efforts to provide a safer and better internet for kids – Hans Martens, INSAFE Coordinator
  • Young people's voice: how the Alliance could improve their digital experiences – Youth Ambassadors from INSAFE youth panels
  • Presentation of the Statement of Purpose – Dieter Carstensen –Head of Digital Child Safety at LEGO
  • Roundtable chaired by Deputy Director-General Claire Bury on the following topics: 
  1. What are industry's plans around the 3 main blocks of actions (user-empowerment, enhanced collaboration, awareness-raising?
  2. How can we "unite for a better internet":  in which areas can we join forces and amplify the impact of the Alliance in the medium-long term?
  • Conclusions by the Chair
  • Networking opportunities in the Foyer 


Termin: 07.02.2017

Weitere Informationen: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en

Veranstaltungsort: Brüssel

klicksafe auf der Veranstaltung

Auf Einladung der Europäischen Kommission und Insafe nimmt klicksafe an der hochkarätigen Veranstaltung „Safer Internet Day Alliance Event“ in Brüssel teil und diskutiert über die Zukunft der Internetsicherheit für Kinder und Jugendliche.