What does klicksafe do?

Encourage competent handling of the internet based on information and practical knowledge

klicksafe is an awareness campaign promoting media literacy and adequate handling of the internet and new media. In a first step toward realizing these goals, various problematic areas and dangers need to be identified so that, in a second step, users can be provided with learning options toward handling new media competently, assessing diverse problem areas themselves, and responding actively and adequately. 

Only those who are circumspect can protect themselves and others while taking full advantage of the positive opportunities media literacy creates. Consequently, klicksafe places emphasis on encouragement rather than admonition.

Address parents and educators as a key to reaching children and adolescents

The diffusion of problematic content and disingenuous offers via the internet ultimately affects all users, but young persons are particularly vulnerable in this respect. They may be more easily taken in than adults: not recognizing dishonest dealings as readily, revealing personal data and details unthinkingly, or perhaps failing to realise that a chat partner is not the person he or she claims to be.

Therefore, the work of klicksafe aims at making the public more conscious of the importance of safe internet use for children and adolescents – with awareness leading to improvement. Since direct access to these two target groups, children and adolescents, is subject to certain limitations, the project also appeals to those who are in daily contact with young people: parents, educators, teachers, social service and youth workers can heighten young people’s awareness concerning the significance of competent internet handling.

Increasing sensitivity to issues of internet safety also implies raising awareness among the general public and pursuing concerted efforts to cultivate cooperation among a wide spectrum of partners in societal groups and institutions. Also, it is necessary to arouse the interest of those providing internet pages and to point toward options through which they can contribute to improving internet safety.
Thus, the project addresses the widest range of players: children and adolescents as well as parents, teachers, and educators; organisations and institutions as well as enterprises and providers of internet pages.

Call critical attention to internet content that is unsuited for minors

Among the problematic aspects of the internet, one of the most evident is content whose dissemination is illegal under German law. This includes the glorification of violence, right-wing extremist or racist content, and paedophilia. However, not only such illegal content is considered detrimental to minors. Pornography, while legal for adult use in certain forms, may not be made accessible to minors. The same applies under German law, for example, to any trivialisation of drug use. 

klicksafe strives to improve public awareness concerning the harmful effects of exposure to such material, also calling attention to the dangers of addiction to the internet or computer games. Due to the rapid development of new media, today not only PCs can be used to distribute detrimental content, but mobile phones as well.
There are computer games in circulation that portray violence or racism in a univocally positive context. Furthermore, a great deal of material is in circulation today that does not violate any specific law, but nonetheless can be quite confusing or disorienting for young persons.