What does klicksafe offer?

The klicksafe initiative addresses the challenge of enabling young users to handle the internet and new media competently and critically, while developing their awareness of problematic aspects that are involved. To further these aims, the work of klicksafe is rooted in two fundamental areas: content and qualification measures, as well as marketing and a public campaign. To support and supplement these efforts, klicksafe cultivates extensive networking activities across Germany and throughout the European Community – with contacts extending into such varied fields as research, social initiatives, industry, government, migrant organisations, and consumer protection.

Content / Qualification Measures

In the area of content and qualification measures, the focus is on imparting practical knowledge in terms of media literacy. Parents and teachers are provided with information and orientation on the competent use of the internet and the opportunities it presents, and on diverse aspects of internet safety, including problem areas: this not only serves the adults, but above all the children and adolescents for whom they are responsible.

The most important information on opportunities and risks related to the internet is presented to parents and educators in compact form through the klicksafe website. This portal offers essential knowledge on important safety and consumer issues relating to the internet, for example, on problematic content, chatting, instant messaging, and mobile communication. Each topic is explained in the rubric "kurz & knapp" (quick & concise), followed up in the area "aktiv werden" (getting active) by practical tips on the individual topics: what to be on the lookout for; how to proceed.
Links lead the way to other websites that are either recommended for children or offer additional information on a specific topic.

To keep pace with the rapid development of the internet, klicksafe frequently introduces new subtopics on its website – recent examples would be the coverage on game consoles or on trends such as blogs, communities and “Second Life”. This content is clearly structured and lucidly explained, so as to be easily understood by visitors with little previous knowledge on the particular topic or on internet use in general.

klicksafe offers a portfolio of information materials – some produced together with partners – on internet topics such as general security issues, gaming, rip-offs, copyright questions, or chatting. The flyers and brochures are available as downloads and can also be ordered from klicksafe in their printed versions.

For the practical education and qualification of teachers and parents, klicksafe in cooperation with various partners offers training modules and conceptions for continuing education and the dissemination of information in these target groups. Usually, these programmes are realized through the training of multipliers who then implement the modules and training schemes with wider groups of participants.

Marketing / Public Campaign

An important basis for the work of klicksafe is calling the attention of the public to the topic of internet safety: acknowledging that risks do exist and that rules for managing them should be observed is a prerequisite for practical concern with the options and concepts of safer internet handling.

Since 2005 the klicksafe TV clip "Where is Klaus?" has contributed significantly to generating public attention for the topic and to raising awareness among parents and educators. The new klicksafe TV clip, "Where do you live?", is now also being screened extensively on television, in cinema theatres, and on web pages, thus reaching a very wide audience.

Several times each year, klicksafe presents itself with an information booth at major fairs and events. Particularly at large public fairs such as didacta (on education), the Games Convention, or the IFA Berlin (on consumer electronics), a great number of individuals can be addressed directly and provided with information, materials, and contacts to be further pursued.

Annually, the Safer Internet Day is held, a worldwide action day drawing public attention to the topic of internet safety. Germany participates in Safer Internet Day with a multitude of diverse actions and events, whereby klicksafe initiates an early call for participation, coordinates the events and activities during the months leading up to SID, and publishes related information on its website.