What is klicksafe?

klicksafe is an awareness campaign promoting media literacy and adequate handling of the internet and new media. Fields of action of the project are Content/ Qualification, Marketing/ Public Campaign, and networking with partners and stakeholders.

The EU's "Safer Internet Programme" and "CEF Telecom Programme"

In order to promote safe use of modern communication media and to protect consumers from undesirable content, the EU initiated the “Safer Internet Programme” in 1999. This is an action plan focusing on preventive measures against illegal, undesirable, or detrimental content, and on emphasizing the importance of a safe media environment and of public awareness. This includes providing relevant information to the general public and cultivating cooperation in a wide range of partnerships among societal groups and institutions. With the adoption of the Safer Internet Programme 2009-2013 by the European Parliament and the Council, the programme started into its third round and was extended for another four years. Since 2014 the Programme is carried on via the "Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)"

By now, there is a Safer Internet Centre in 31 European countries which implements the Safer Internet Programme. According to the European Commission's targets, these Safer Internet Centres include the different action lines of the CEF Telecom Programme:

  • Awareness Centre, promoting media literacy and awareness on the internet
  • Hotline for reporting illegal content
  • Helpline as counselling centre for children, young people, parents and teachers

The German contribution to the "CEF Telecom Programme": Saferinternet DE

In Germany, the CEF Telecom Programme is being implemented by the Saferinternet DE group. To this belong, apart from the Awareness Centre klicksafe, the Hotlines internet-beschwerdestelle.de (implemented by eco and FSM) and jugendschutz.net as well as the child Helpline Nummer gegen Kummer.

klicksafe is a mutual project of the Central Authority for Media and Communication Rhineland-Palatinate (LMK), which is responsible for coordination, and the Media Authority of NRW.