klicksafe Children's and Youth Panel

A Medium for Young Web Users

Since January 2009 klicksafe runs a Youth Panel (German: Jugendbeirat) at several high schools in Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. The Youth Panel is organized as an internet working group, which takes place every 2/3 weeks. In this working group young people provide information about online issues that they deal with in their everyday life. Which dangers do they recognize on the net? Which do they especially see for younger students? How do they represent themselves in social networks? What are their hopes and plans for the future web?

To take the younger age group in focus, kicksafe also installed the Children's Panel (German: Kinderbeirat), a group of pupils aged nine to twelve years, in September 2013.

The two panels are focus groups that represent an important source of information about the usage behavior of young users for klicksafe. On the other hand they bring their knowledge as Media Scouts in their age groups while they educate younger pupils in the fields of smartphone security, social network knowlede and other recent topics.

The Youth Panel (14-17 years of age)

More Information on the Youth Panel can be found here.

The Children's Panel (9-12 Years of age)

More information on the Children's Youth Panel can be found here.


"How to stay safe and survive online" - Flyer with personal Tips from the klicksafe YOUTH PANEL