European Youth Panel at the Safer Internet Forum 2017

On November 23, 2017, the Safer Internet Forum took place in Brussels with the theme„From children's tech to resiliant youth – how to foster wellbeing online?“.

The Safer Internet Forum is an annual international conference in Europe involving politicians, experts, business leaders, NGOs and other key players. When it comes to talking about security online, the opinion of youth is essential. That is why 15 youth representatives from 13 different countries in Europe also participated at the conference.

We listened to lectures on topics such as protecting minors on social media or robotification of childhood, asked questions and eagerly participated in the occurring discussions. We also presented our new campaign, which we had planned and created together in advance. With a self-made video and the hashtag #togetherforrespect we want to call upon viewers to stand up against mobbing and hate on the internet. The campaign was well received by all attendees and the hashtag is already eagerly used and shared on social media.

The two days in Brussels were exciting and enlightening. I met peers from all over Europe who are committed to creating a secure internet in different ways in their country. Interacting with them was inspiring and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to our preparation in the six webinars pre to the conference, we were able to work productively the day before the SIF. The topics we heard and discussed at the SIF were, in my opinion, very interesting and well chosen because of their relevance. Great emphasis was placed on our opinions and questions. All the more, I hope that the content discussed in the conference will lead to positive results and progress.


Report by our Youth Panel member Charlotte