Logos, banners and sharepics for SID 2024


klicksafe provides logos for Safer Internet Day 2024 for download below. The graphics may be used to promote and publicize the event. E.g. to draw attention to Safer Internet Day online (on websites, blogs, in social networks etc.) or in print media. A link of the graphic to the central SID information page klicksafe.de/sid or a print of the URL in print media is desired.

The logos can also be used by organizers of official  SID campaigns or SID events. Official Safer Internet Day campaigns and events are those that are registered with klicksafe. Registered events and campaigns are published on the  SID event overview .

If you have any further questions about the use of the logos, please send an email to : sid⁠☞ Please insert an @ here ☜⁠klicksafe⁠☞ Please insert a dot here ☜⁠de

Banners and sharepics

"We're in!"

Be part of Safer Internet Day on your social media channels or your website with our "We're in!" banners and sharepics.

The banners are available in the formats 728x90 pixels and 468x60 pixels on dark and light backgrounds. For the social media channels, we also offer graphics for posts and stories on Instagram on dark or light backgrounds for download. On Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and social sharing, we would be delighted if you used our sharepics.

The official hashtag for Safer Internet Day 2024 is #SID24.

If you need printable graphics for print publications, please contact us directly (by e-mail to: sid⁠☞ Please insert an @ here ☜⁠klicksafe⁠☞ Please insert a dot here ☜⁠de).

Stickers and posters

Would you like to draw attention to Safer Internet Day or your SID event with print products? We will be happy to provide you with appropriate announcement posters for this purpose. Both the poster in DIN A1 format and the SID stickers can be ordered in printed form free of charge via the klicksafe materials system.