The initiative

The EU initiative klicksafe aims to promote people's online skills and support them in using the internet competently and critically with a wide range of offers. klicksafe bundles and develops relevant information and offers for safe, competent and self-determined internet use. We are particularly aimed at people who support children and young people in developing their Internet skills - from parents and teachers to multipliers - but also at anyone who wants to get fit themselves. This gives users an overview of current online topics and specific tips for everyday digital life.

On our independent information portal, users can find a wealth of up-to-date information, practical tips and helpful materials on digital services and topics. Our areas of activity also include the implementation of comprehensive campaigns and the development of concepts for nationwide training measures for teachers and specialists. We also support training courses for children, young people, parents, teachers and specialists on the opportunities and risks of the Internet. In addition, klicksafe networks initiatives and stakeholders in Germany and Europe to promote media literacy on the Internet.

klicksafe is the German Awareness Center in the Safer Internet Program of the European Union and is managed by the Rhineland-Palatinate Media Authority. Since 2008, klicksafe has coordinated the Safer Internet Centre DE, which includes the internet hotlines of eco, FSM and as well as the helpline Nummer gegen Kummer. klicksafe is funded by the Digital Europe Program (DIGITAL) of the European Union.