Brief description of the EU initiative klicksafe

The EU initiative klicksafe aims to promote people's online competence and to support them in their competent and critical use of the Internet with a wide range of offers. The EU initiative is politically and economically independent. In Germany, it is coordinated by the Media Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate and implemented together with the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia.

klicksafe is the national, German awareness center, and is funded by the European Union's Digital Europe Program (DIGITAL). Since 2008, klicksafe has also coordinated the Safer Internet Centre DE, which includes the Internet hotlines of eco, FSM and as well as the helpline Nummer gegen Kummer.

On the website, users can find a wealth of up-to-date information, practical tips and teaching materials on digital services and topics. The target groups are teachers, educators, parents and multipliers.


By linking to, you help to make the topic of "Safety on the Internet" known to a broad public. You can use the klicksafe logos provided here on websites for linking to klicksafe, or for printing in print publications. We kindly ask you to inform us briefly on which website or in which publication the logo was used and we would be pleased to receive the URL or a specimen copy. Please use the contact form for this purpose.

Please note the following when using the logo:

  • The logo may not be placed rotated.
  • The logo may not be distorted, compressed or altered in any other way.
  • In principle, the black/white variants are only to be used in exceptional cases, e.g. if the logo is placed on a colored background.

Safer Internet Day

Information on the global day of action for a better Internet can be found in our press kit.

Press images

klicksafe provides photos and motifs for you to download from   . Non-commercial distribution or reprinting of the images is expressly permitted, provided that the respective source (see caption) and reference to the website is given. In addition, we ask for brief information about the type of distribution (including URL or specimen copy). Please use the contact form for this purpose.