#OnlineAmLimit - Your network. Your life. Your limits

Social media, games and online shopping: digital media are a natural part of our everyday lives, but they can also cause stress or addictive behavior. The video series is divided into two longer videos with concrete tips for more digital balance and four short videos that take a tongue-in-cheek look at the influence digital media have on our interactions.

Short videos

Expert talk with cyber criminologist Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger

FIGHT BACK! Against sexualized violence on the net

Together with the online counseling platform JUUUPORT and with the support of the Independent Commissioner on Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM), we have developed an information brochure and five videos for young people on the topic of cybergrooming. In the video series, young people receive many important tips and information from the two JUUUPORT scouts Jasmin and Stephan. Among other things, they explain how to recognize cybergrooming and how to defend themselves against it.


klicksafe has published three short spots to promote the #JedesVierteKind campaign. You are welcome to use the spots to draw attention to the #JedesVierteKind campaign and the issue of cybergrooming. The download is available on this page.


Our SID 2022 Ambassador Jokah Tululu and our Ambassador Gardinia share their experiences on democracy.


What's behind fake news on the web? How do false reports spread? Where can false reports be found? How do I track them down and how do I deal with them? In four entertaining and informative short videos for young people, well-known influencers impart important knowledge and report on their own experiences with fake news on the Internet.


Influencers - a disease? No, influencers are the new role models for children and young people online. The video series #ParentsInformed on the topic of influencers was implemented by Isabel Hörder (Master's degree program in e-learning and media education, Heidelberg University of Education) as a cooperation project with the EU initiative klicksafe.


Even well-known YouTubers have experiences with hate online. In the klicksafe video series #lauteralshass, "Silvie Carlsson", "Pocket Hazel" and "RobBubble" report on how they personally deal with hate comments. They show how they don't get discouraged by haters and give tips on how to deal with hate comments.

For the use of the video series in (extra)school settings, you candownloadthe project proposal #lauteralshass as a PDF file.

mobile & safe


With Robin from the channel "RobBubble", Maike Nissen from the channel "Vegas Films", Mirko Drotschmann from the channel "MrWissen2go" and Jonas from the channel of the same name we were able to win four prominent YouTubers for our video series #ichwars, who talk about their personal experiences on the topic of bullying in front of the camera.


Even well-known YouTubers have had the experience of not having everything under control online. In the new klicksafe video series "#deineKontrolle", the creators of the successful YouTube channels "HelloChrissy", "FräuleinChaos" and "Tomatolix" report on their sometimes unpleasant experiences on the Internet and give helpful tips.

klicksafe and Handysektor

The video series covers current topics around the media use of adolescents. Educators get a quick look at the media education issues and challenges of popular services.