The klicksafe network

As part of its networking activities, klicksafe discusses current trends and topics relating to internet safety. The exchange and pooling of resources also play an important role.

Our partners contribute individual expertise, experience and services to the network. Our expert advisory board, which advises the German Safer Internet Center, is of central importance in this context.

On an international level , klicksafe works closely with Safer Internet Centers throughout Europe and is a member of the European network Insafe (Internet Safety Awareness for Europe).

Nationally, klicksafe cooperates with representatives from a wide range of areas such as non-profit organizations, institutions for the protection of children and young people, foundations, universities, associations, companies and ministries at federal and state level. Many of these institutions and organizations are members of the advisory board.

Safer Internet Centre Germany

As  AwarenessCentre Germany , klicksafe forms the Safer Internet Centre Germany ( together with the helpline Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. and the hotlines, eco and FSM.  Since 2008, klicksafe has coordinated the German Safer Internet Centre with the aim of promoting media literacy among users nationwide and enabling them to use the Internet critically and confidently.

The Advisory Board

The advisory board serves the exchange and networking of public and private institutions from education, media pedagogy, science, youth protection and crime prevention. Major companies from the media and network industry are also part of it. The unifying goal of the advisory board members is to design a better Internet for children and young people and to enable them to use it confidently and safely.

Further information on the advisory board

For more information on the Advisory Board and Advisory Board members, click here

Cooperation partnerships

klicksafe works with numerous partners who support the initiative with their experience, information and resources. These collaborations result in materials, joint campaigns and activities, for example. The cooperation partners can essentially be assigned to three areas:

  • state institutions for family and youth, media supervision, crime prevention, culture and education with their representatives from politics
  • the communications industry, especially the major providers of internet services with their self-regulatory bodies and television broadcasters, as well as publishers and press representatives
  • Clubs, associations and initiatives from many areas of society, mostly non-profit organizations (NGOs), whose work objectives can be linked to the concerns of klicksafe - at a national, regional and local level

More information about the cooperations

Further information on klicksafe's cooperation partnerships can be found here.