#ichwars (2): RobBubble - I was a perpetrator

Field report


Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents Teenagers


Hey, I'm Robin and I was a perpetrator. Although I had to experience being a victim, I also became a perpetrator.

(Cyber) bullying takes place at school and continues online. What many people don't realize: There are not only individual "perpetrators" and "victims", but above all a lot of "bystanders"... those who know that someone is being bullied, but do nothing. But they have the power to stop the negative spiral. With Jonas from the channel of the same name, Lisa from "ItsColeslaw", Robin from the channel "RobBubble", Maike Nissen from the channel "Vegas Films" and Mirko Drotschmann from the channel "MrWissen2go", we were able to win five prominent YouTubers for the #ichwars campaign, who report directly in front of the camera about their personal experiences on the topic of bullying. They all tell their personal stories, in which they were either bullying victims, perpetrators or bystanders. Their experiences show how quickly one can go from being a victim to being a bystander or even a perpetrator. Therefore, at the end, the clear call to "look, listen and open your mouth!"

klicksafe video series #ichwars for Safer Internet Day 2017

The  "#ichwars" videos are a production of Streamwerke on behalf of klicksafe (Editors: Dilek Atalay/klicksafe, Stephan Tarnow/planpunkt).