Cyberbullying Easy help app



Published by: klicksafe LAG WfbM Berlin e.V.

Target Groups: Educators Parents Teenagers


Are you experiencing bullying or sexual violence on the internet?

Do you need help?

Then download the Cyberbullying Easy Help app!

In short videos, 8 experts give you tips and encourage you to take action against the attacks. The videos are in sign language and spoken language.

There are instructions in the app.

The instructions show you how to block, report or delete.

For example on Instagram or TikTok.

You will also find information in plain language.

For example on these topics:

  • Bullying on the internet
  • Sexual violence on the internet
  • Laws against violence on the internet
  • Counseling centers that can help

klicksafe and LAG WfbM Berlin e.V. have jointly created the Cyber Bullying Easy Help app.

The videos and texts in the app were created by and with employees from the 16 workshops in Berlin.

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