Web seminar: "jugend.support - Hilfe bei Stress im Netz" (youth.support - help with stress on the web)

Web seminar


Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Educators


On June 25, 2020, the web seminar "jugend.support - Hilfe bei Stress im Netz" (youth.support - help with stress on the net) took place together with Michaela Brauburger (speaker jugend.support), Nina Pirk (Nummer gegen Kummer e.V.) and Susanne Neuerburg (JUUUPORT e.V.).

What was the web seminar about?

Rip-offs, harassment, cyberbullying, fake news, hatred on the net and the risk of addiction are part of everyday experiences when you are online. That's when good advice and fast help are needed.
At jugend.support, children from the age of 12 and young people can find advice and help for stress online. The special feature: jugend.support serves as a central point of contact and as a distribution list for quick and appropriate help. By cooperating with the best-known recognized counseling centers in Germany, young people can be referred quickly. So there is no need to search for the right counseling center yourself, but to find all contact persons on one website. The web seminar presents the website and how it can be used in schools and youth facilities.

  • Referentin: Michaela Brauburger, adviser jugend.support, Nina Pirk, number against Kummer registered association, Susanne new castle, JUUUPORT registered association.
  • Interesting for: Committed students (e.g. media scouts, student council, mediators, group leaders), school social workers, teachers and pedagogical specialists from secondary level 2 onwards

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