Quizzes on sex, diversity and pornography

"Porn myths"

In porn, children and young people are confronted with many images and sex practices without being categorized. Porn is also often one-sided and clichéd when it comes to body ideals. Adults are fully aware that porn is mostly staged films with cast actors. For young people, on the other hand, the images can create enormous pressure and give them the feeling of being "wrong".

The klicksafe quiz on porn myths helps young people aged 14 and over to get to the bottom of unrealistic pornographic content. Nine questions playfully debunk porn myths and explain them in an understandable way.

"Sex, diversity and porn"

Who has an orgasm more often, what does transsexual mean and how many positions are "normal"?

In the klicksafe quiz "Sex, Diversity and Porn", young people aged 14 and over answer questions about sexuality, puberty and pornography.