Information about Safer Internet Day

What is Safer Internet Day?

"Together for a better Internet " - this is the motto under which many people and institutions around the world campaign every February on Safer Internet Day to improve online safety. Children and young people in particular are to be supported in their self-determined and responsible use of digital media.

There are many starting points: respectful interaction with one another, the promotion of media skills, the creation of an appropriate legal framework and the provision of high-quality services for children and young people.

Accordingly, a wide range of institutions, companies and private individuals are taking part in Safer Internet Day: schools, kindergartens, public institutions and political bodies, as well as parents, children and young people - everyone can contribute to better interaction in the digital space.

    What are the goals of Safer Internet Day?

    • promote awareness of the confident and responsible use of digital media
    • motivate people of all ages to deal with safety on the Internet
    • draw public and media attention to the topic of "Safe Internet"
    • initiate the active involvement of institutions, organizations, associations, companies, initiatives, schools and private individuals at national, regional and local level as part of a global campaign

    Who organizes Safer Internet Day?

    Worldwide , Safer Internet Day is organized by the European Insafe network as part of the European Commission's DIGITAL program.

    As part of the Insafe network, klicksafe has been coordinating Safer Internet Day in Germany since 2004. Hundreds of campaigns and events come together at klicksafe, are published on the website and thus gain visibility and public awareness. In addition, klicksafe offers various print and digital media free of charge with which the campaigns can be advertised.

    In addition to the organization, klicksafe launches an annually changing thematic focus and its own campaigns, events and materials. 

    Current thematic focus 2024

    In keeping with the overarching motto "Better Internet for kids" and current events, klicksafe highlights a special topic every year.

    For Safer Internet Day 2024, klicksafe's topic "Let's talk about porn! Pornography online", klicksafe is focusing the campaign on protecting and educating children and young people about pornographic content, sexual violence and digital boundary violations.

    Participate in Safer Internet Day

    All institutions, educational establishments, youth organizations, associations, companies and private individuals are invited to take an active part in Safer Internet Day. All activities related to the topic of internet safety or the klicksafe focus are welcome.

    There are no limits to how you can participate: from simply referring to Safer Internet Day on social media channels, to online webinars, workshops at schools, publishing news articles... - We look forward to your diverse ideas and participation.

    Please register your event or campaign using the registration form. This will make your commitment visible and emphasize the common goal of a safe Internet.

    Please register your event or campaign via the registration form . This will make your commitment visible and emphasize the common goal of a secure Internet.

    Where can I get up-to-date information about Safer Internet Day?

    klicksafe provides a comprehensive range of information and services for all interested parties. By registering for our  SID info service , you can be sure to receive all important information and tips directly by e-mail.

    Who do I contact for further information?

    In Germany:
    Medienanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz
    67059 Ludwigshafen
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