Rumors, myths, false reports - The Handysektor theme month on fake news

What is truth and what is a lie? On the Internet, you often can't be sure. Because in addition to serious reporting, lies and misinformation are spread online - sometimes deliberately - to influence, manipulate and unsettle users.

In the run-up to the Bundestag elections, the youth portal is devoting itself to this phenomenon and showing what fake news is all about and how you can recognize false news. In addition to articles on the topic, a new infographic is published with 10 tips on how to deal with fake news. For all those interested, there is also a clear link list with helpful tools, interesting background knowledge and materials for teaching. In an interactive Fake News Quiz, young people can put their knowledge of fake news to the test.

Checking sources in the 'Fake News Quiz'

Posts on Facebook, Twitter and the like don't always hide the truth. But a few criteria can help identify fake news in social networks. In the interactive Fake News Quiz, young people can put these tips to practical use. There, they are confronted with posts and have to check and decide in each case whether it is a fake news story.

Infographic - 10 tips for recognizing fake news

In order to be able to judge information from the Internet, not only the classic methods of source criticism are required. The manipulation of images and videos and the creation of sentiment through fake news, which is spread automatically by social bots, present completely new challenges. Handysektor has prepared a new clear inf ographic as a 10-point checklist of which methods help against classic and modern manipulation.

Links, tools and materials for teaching

The Internet is not only full of false reports, but also sites and projects that counter this problem. Handysektor offers an extensive link list with tools and materials that can help combat fake news. Included are specialized search engines, checklists and tools for checking images and videos. For educators, there is also an overview of materials that can be used to discuss the topic in class.

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