Courage on the net: the new issue of SCROLLER!

Arguments and teasing among children and young people are commonplace. If these take place on the Internet, in the worst case it can lead to hate comments and even cyberbullying.

The tenth issue of SCROLLER takes an in-depth look at the topic of "Courage on the Net" and shows why moral courage is so important. The two SCROLLER characters Tom and Trixi explain in a child-friendly way what digital moral courage means and use simple examples from children's lives to show what everyone can do to ensure fair cooperation online.

Courage is needed, for example, if you witness exclusion or even bullying and hatred. In the digital world in particular, this can spread very quickly and pose a major threat to good relationships. That's why it's also important on the web: Show civil courage! That means having the courage to stand up for others. So that troublemakers on the Internet don't stand a chance in the first place.

Tom and Trixi experience that such troublemakers can appear anywhere when they encounter a troll while playing online. The photo story and infographic show children how to report troublemakers and ensure respectful interaction. Support, raise awareness and take action is the motto of social activist Ali Can. He tells the SCROLLER children's reporters how he and many others are fighting against hate on the Internet.

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SCROLLER is the first children's media magazine to focus exclusively on digital media. Exciting articles, puzzles and lots of stories about smartphones, the Internet and the like introduce children to the digitalized world. And not just as a print magazine. The children's portal also offers lots of practical tips and interactive learning games.

SCROLLER is suitable for media education both in the family and in educational institutions. The magazine can be optimally used in projects and lessons for 9- to 12-year-old students. A supplement for educational specialists provides further information and methodological-didactic suggestions. A parents' guide provides plenty of impetus for discussing the top issues of media use with one's own children on the basis of SCROLLER.

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