Newly published: The SELMA Toolkit against Online Hate Speech

Hate on the web is an increasing problem: but what can be done about it that promises success? Education is the answer! Get involved with the new SELMA Toolkit.

With the brand-new Toolkit, the EU Project SELMA (Social and Emotional Learning for Mutual Awareness) now offers an interactive set of materials and tools to make young people strong in the fight against hate on the net. The focus is on questions such as: What is hate speech? How does it work? How is my environment affected by it? And what can we do together to bring about tangible change?

The SELMA Toolkit toolkit combines a holistic educational approach of social-emotional learning, media literacy, and civic engagement as its basic concept, offering educators and other practitioners over 100 easily accessible and implementable units to successfully counter hate speech in everyday learning. The toolkit includes a diverse repertoire of "hands-on" activities to activate users to engage themselves and prepare them to stand up to hate.

Although the toolkit is modular and allows for customization of activities, a variety of learning paths provide clear guidance for use in different work settings that strive for greater tolerance and respect in shared interactions. Accordingly, the SELMA Toolkit is aimed at all those who work with children and young people, teachers, educators, social workers, caregivers as well as peer projects.

The toolkit is now available in English at available. A German language version of the toolkit will be released in September 2019.