Ways to Media ComP@ss - Teaching Ideas for Secondary Level I

The LMK, the MKFS Foundation and medien+bildung.com are participating in the state project "MedienkomP@ss für die Sekundarstufe I" with a new methods brochure.

With the publication of the new brochure "Wege zum MedienkomP@ss - Unterrichtideenfür dieSekundarstufe I" (Waysto Media ComP@ss- Teaching Ideas for Secondary LevelI ), the Rhineland-Palatinate State Agency for Media and Communication LMK, its media education subsidiary medien+bildung.com and the Media Competence Forum Southwest Foundation (Stiftung Medienkompetenzforum Südwest, MKFS ) are making a further contribution to the state program "Medienkompetenz macht Schule" (Media Competence Makes Schools) and are supporting the "MedienkomP@ss für die Sekundarstufe I" (Media ComP@ss for Secondary Level I), which has been tested in Rhineland-Palatinate since the 2015/16 school year in a three-year pilot operation. The brochure includes concepts and methods from projects of the LMK and from the work of the EU initiative klicksafe, the MKFS foundation and medien+bildung.com.

The digital media world is developing with unbroken dynamism. The next leap in development cannot be predicted, yet schools and teaching must constantly face up to these developments. Digital education is and will remain a focus of the Rhineland-Palatinate state government's education policy. That's why it launched the state's Media Competence Makes Schools program back in 2007. 

With its facilities and its projects, the State Agency for Media and Communication supports the state's efforts to anchor media education in schools. For many years, the media education staff have been developing concepts and methods to help teachers, children, young people and parents expand their own media skills. In order to support the MedienkomP@ss Rhineland-Palatinate initiative, the LMK is now bringing its concepts together with the competence grid for lower secondary school. A practical project or method was selected for each area of competence. In this way, concrete examples can be used to show how the desired skills (and many more) can be taught using the practical media education projects. The brochure contains projects, concepts and methods from OK-TV Mainz, klicksafe, the MKFS foundation and medien+bildung.com that cover various media areas: "Explainer film in the classroom," "YouTube analysis," "Heroes on the Internet," "Privacy - what for?" and "Assessing search results" are some of the topics. When a class has completed all the practical projects, the students involved have acquired the targeted competencies and can provide evidence of this.

"Teaching and learning with digital media is an integral part of teaching in Rhineland-Palatinate. The new brochure contains many good examples and suggestions for teachers who teach lower secondary school classes. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the State Agency for Media and Communication for this guide and its support in promoting competencies," said Rhineland-Palatinate Education Minister Dr. Stefanie Hubig. 

"I am sure that this Signpost will again be seen as a helpful support for educational work in schools," said LMK Director Renate Pepper. "And I am pleased that we are thus further expanding our good cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Pädagogisches Landesinstitut." 

In 2014, the LMK already published the accompanying media education brochure for the "MedienkomP@ss für die Primar- und Orientierungsstufe," which was reprinted a year later due to high demand. Now, with the new publication, it presents a guide to the MEDIENKOMP@SS SEK I.

  • Additional materials for the method descriptions in the booklet can be downloaded from the LMK website.
  • Order: The printed brochure can be ordered against postage from: medien+bildung.com gGmbH, Turmstr. 10, 67059 Ludwigshafen, info(at)medienundbildung.com