INPUT_online: digitally confident - what can you do!


Tuesday, 9th of May 2023
14:00 till 16:00


Target Group(s)

Educators, parents, students, all interested parties

The digital space offers countless possibilities and opportunities from which we benefit as individuals, but also as a society. Nevertheless, there are various risks for children and young people. Dangers include cybergrooming and hate speech, for example, which young people can be confronted with.

Against this backdrop, what skills in particular need to be strengthened so that young users can confront them as confidently as possible?

This 2-hour workshop addresses this central question. The focus here is on empowering strategies for action, so that participants learn how children and young people in particular can be protected and strengthened in their dealings with the digital space.

Dominique Facciorusso, media literacy officer at the EU's klicksafe initiative, will explain what offers contribute to safe, competent and self-determined Internet use. The workshop is interactive and we look forward to your participation.

For more information and to register by 09.05.2023 at the latest, click here.