Monday to Wednesday, 5th to 7th of June 2023

Arena Berlin

Oak road 4
12435 Berlin

re:publica Berlin is one of the world's most important festivals for digital society. It brings together artists, activists, business people, company representatives and people from many other areas of life and creativity.

This year's motto of re:publica is CASH

  • Where does money come from, where does it flow to, where does it sink into lifeless stock markets, where does it water people's fields?
  • What are state tasks in digitization, what is being privatized and why, and what do public welfare-oriented alternatives look like?
  • Are democracies and social systems outdated luxury goods? Or is it not rather the construct of the global market economy that is threatening to collapse under the consequences of the crises? 

International speakers from many different countries will present their views on these questions at re:publica. All information and tickets are available on the website