Questionable trend on social media"Ass Drills Get Everyone!" - Problematic Pranks and Challenges

In recent days, we have received more and more reports that a new trend is spreading among children and young people on the Internet. This is the so-called "ass drill". You can find out what this is all about and how educators and parents can react to it at klicksafe.

What is the "ass drill"?

The so-called "ass drill" is an alleged prank. It usually involves sneaking up on an unsuspecting person and poking them in the ass with outstretched fingers. There is no question that this is a physical assault. Children and young people should be taught that this is not a harmless joke and that they must not violate the boundaries of others . At the same time, they have a right to have their boundaries respected by others.

It is not yet possible to say exactly what the source of the current popularity of the "ass drill" is. In the popular manga and anime series NARUTO, the Japanese version of the "ass drill" appears as a humorous element of the narrative. So NARUTO could be a possible source for the popularity in Germany. But the well-known streamer and influencer Montana Black (also known as Monte) also comes into question as the originator. In some of his streams and videos, he has used the term "ass drill." Montana Black's videos are watched millions of times by children and young people in Germany. Among other things, his statement in a stream "Arschbohrer kriegt jeder" has become a meme, or a "winged word" on the German-language Internet. On YouTube and TikTok, videos can be found that show "ass drills" and refer to the statement. Problematically, assaultive behavior is trivialized as humor or satire.

Photos or videos of these assaults are published on social networks and can spread, for example, on TikTok or YouTube, so that other children and young people could be encouraged to join in. In the klicksafe topic area, you will find information on the social media phenomenon Challenges - Risky dares on the Internet.

The ass drill in school - What can teachers do?

If you observe students being assaulted in class or in the playground, speak up immediately. Make it clear that this is not a prank, but a physical assault. Above all, offer children who are victims of these assaults immediate help through trusted persons.

If the phenomenon is not yet acute at your school, it can provide an opportunity to discuss various topics preventively in the classroom. This includes raising awareness of the topic of "respecting physical boundaries".  It is also not allowed to play a prank on someone, film the person doing it, and then publish the footage. Many children and young people are not aware that secretly filming people as well as publishing this footage is not allowed and can lead to a report to the police.

Address the problematic aspects of pranks and challenges with klicksafe teaching units:

What can parents do?

As a parent, you can help your children to correctly assess trends, challenges and pranks.

  • Stay in touch with children and young people to find out which influencers, pranks or trends are currently hot.
  • Support children and young people in recognizing risks and assaultive behavior and in getting help.
  • Encourage children and young people to say "no" and not to give in to peer pressure.
  • Communicate that spreading dangerous challenges or cross-border pranks is also problematic, as it can incite others to copy.