Children's software award TOMMI 2023Excellent games and apps for children

Video games are at the top of many children's Christmas wish lists. However, some parents are unsure which games are suitable for their children. For them, it is worth taking a look at this year's winners of the TOMMI children's software prize. Over 4000 children spent two months testing the best games and educational offers for children and young people in libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An expert jury had previously determined the nominations. The winners have now been announced.

The award ceremony took place in the Team Timster program on the children's channel (KiKA). If you missed the program, you can still watch it can still watch it now on the KiKA website. Below we show the first places in the individual categories. All winners (including second and third places) and all jury statements can be viewed on the TOMMI website.

The winners of the TOMMI 2023

What is the TOMMI?

Every year since 2002, the German Children's Software Award TOMMI has honored high-quality digital games and educational programs for children and made them known to a wider audience. First, an expert jury selects the nominations. Then it is the turn of a children's jury in around 50 libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Children always have the last word in the TOMMI! Further information on the TOMMI can be found on the website.