Pixi Book - This is private!Data protection for children explained in an understandable way

Children and young people come into contact with smartphones and tablets at a young age. They are photographed with them or use them themselves. In the process, even the youngest leave a data trail. To advise and raise awareness among this target group, the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) has published the Pixi series "Die Daten-Füchse" (The Data Foxes) together with Carlsen Verlag.

The Pixi book "Die Daten-Füchse - Das ist privat!"was designed for children of kindergarten age as well as for elementary school students up to 2nd grade, parents and all Pixi lovers. The book from the Pixi Wissen series "Die Daten-Füchse - Was ist Datenschutz?"is suitable for students from 3rd to 7th grade and for all interested readers.

The two Pixi books are provided exclusively by the BfDI. This free offer is available while stocks last. The books cannot be purchased. There is no downloadable version, the books are provided in the familiar printed format.

You can order one copy per household using the shopping cart functions on the BfDI website.

Daycare centers, schools or comparable educational institutions can also order the Pixi books in larger quantities. Due to the continuing high demand, only one group set (25 copies for daycare centers) or one class set (30 copies for schools) can be ordered for each institution. All further information on the ordering process can be found on the BfDI website.

In addition to the books, several videos have also been produced. They can be accessed here.