The new culture on the web - between co-creation and consumption

Current focus of the service portal "Silver Tipps - sicher online!

PCs, tablets and smartphones have become central interfaces to the outside world and the number one means of communication. It's no longer just about consuming what's on offer, but also about producing and publishing one's own content.

There are virtually no limits to creativity, and this has led to the development of cultural phenomena all of their own: new artistic formats or even instructions for small and large everyday problems. In the new focus topic "The new culture on the Net - between co-creation and consumption," the service portal "Silver Tipps - sicher online!" presents some examples.

For individual forms of expression, social media services such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat offer a wide range of possibilities. An overview of the special features of the respective offers is provided by the media expert of the Stiftung MedienKompetenz Forum Südwest, Jeanine Wein.

Filmmaker Achim Wendel focuses on how important it is for seniors to keep up to date with the latest media and to exchange ideas with like-minded people in the video "Kein Leben ohne Internet" ("No life without the Internet").

Professor Leonard Reinecke from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz explains the pressure that constant accessibility can exert and how this can be countered in "Always on? Digital stress and the consequences of constant accessibility".

And an example of provocative but thought-provoking Internet art is shown by Silver Tips coordinator Fabian Geib in his article "Die Grenzen des guten Geschmacks. Holocaust meets selfie culture".


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