JUUUPORT scout releases music video "No bullying".

Kevin Lehmann from the JUUUPORT.de counseling platform is releasing his song "Kein Mobbing" today. With the music video, the 18-year-old wants to sensitize young people in particular to dealing with bullying in schools.

Kevin Lehmann is a volunteer counselor at JUUUPORT.de - a platform for young people with problems online. Together with other young advisors, he helps his peers online with issues such as cyberbullying and data protection. Bullying is also omnipresent in his personal everyday life: "I often experience cases of bullying at my school. With the song, I want to show the victims in particular that they are not alone," says the high school graduate from Oldenburg.  

Together with his classmate Tim Kruse and JUUUPORT scout Jannik Kahsnitz, he produced the video for the song in December. "In the video, we slip into the typical roles - bullies, bystanders and victims. It felt pretty real in parts," explains Jannik Kahsnitz, who plays the role of the mobber in the video.

The project is supported by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) health insurance fund: "The video impressively shows how much the topic affects all young people - as perpetrators, victims or through silent consent. With the video, the scouts send a clear signal against bullying, can thus draw attention to the help offered by JUUUPORT and show how important it is that the scouts advise other young people nationwide," says Dr. Sabine Voermans, head of health management at TK.

Kevin Lehmann has also already published a rap song on the subject of data protection. This was awarded the Data Protection Media Prize in the special category Youth in April 2018.

  • Music video "Kein Mobbing"

More information about the new rap video can be found in the press release (PDF).

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