"Say it to my face" - Tagesschau campaign

The Tagesschau is currently running a social media campaign under the motto "Say it to my face" against hate comments and for a better culture of discussion on the web.

As soon as current TV coverage deals with topics such as migration and flight, the USA, Israel or Turkey, hate entries flood the comment columns in social networks. Journalists Dr. Kai Gniffke, Editor-in-Chief of ARD-aktuell, Anja Reschke, Head of the Domestic Policy Department at NDR, and Isabel Schayani, WDR Foreign Editor, have repeatedly received hate comments and personal hostility in the past. Under the motto "Say it to my face," they now want to talk directly to the commentators.
Dr. Kai Gniffke kicked things off on Sunday, May 28, and took on the topic of the lying press and credibility. On the subject of right-wing extremism and the culture of remembrance, Anja Reschke will get in touch with her "haters" on Monday, May 29. The German-Iranian TV journalist Isabel Schayani will meet her commentators on the topic of xenophobia and Islamophobia on Tuesday, May 30.    
  The conversations will take place
via Skype and can be seen live on Facebook(facebook.de/tagesschau) starting at 7 p.m. each day. The aim of the campaign is to promote exchange in direct conversation and to make a positive contribution to the culture of discussion on the net.


 The live conversations at a glance


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