Number against sorrow school boxHow to help students with concerns and problems

Together with Nummer gegen Kummer e.V., the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has designed a school box. It is intended to raise awareness among children and young people of the counseling services offered by Nummer gegen Kummer. The school box contains information materials (flyers, posters, info cards, stickers) on the counseling services offered by Nummer gegen Kummer. Teachers also receive suggestions on how to address concerns and problems in the classroom.

Teachers are often the point of contact for the many personal concerns of their students: Stress among friends, problems at school or at home. It is important to listen to children, to give them time for conversations and thus to relieve them. However, this task is not so easy to accomplish in a stressful school day. Nummer gegen Kummer wants to support teachers in this task. The children's and young people's hotline and the online counseling service are there to help - no matter what the problem, the counselors take the time to listen.

Every child, young person and parent should be aware of the services offered by Nummer gegen Kummer and make use of them if necessary. In the school box, teachers will find materials that they can use to introduce the Nummer gegen Kummer to their classes.

All elementary and secondary schools can order the school boxes free of charge from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth at Since the print run is limited, each school has the option of ordering a maximum of two school boxes.

Your students don't know the "Nummer gegen Kummer"? You can change that!

Sift through and distribute info materials

  • Display the info cards and flyers in a place where everyone can unobtrusively take the informational materials.
  • Hang the poster in your classroom or in the hallway.

Make dealing with worries and problems a topic in the classroom.

  • Discuss how to deal with worries and problems in the classroom - the school box offers a handout that you can use for this.
  • Throughout Germany, there are locations of the Nummer gegen Kummer (number against sorrow), which offer a children's and youth telephone and a parents' telephone. The counselors are also happy to come to school classes to present the counseling services on site and to talk to the students about them. You can look up the locations at

Draw attention to the services offered by Nummer gegen Kummer e. V.

  • Display the flyers at parent-teacher conferences or meetings to draw attention to the parent hotline.
  • Place the logo of the child and youth helpline and the parent helpline on your school's website - both logos can be downloaded at
  • Information evenings, action days or open days are also a good way to draw the attention of children and young people as well as parents to the counseling services.

The school box as accessible version

In order to make the counseling services offered by Nummer gegen Kummer more widely known among children and young people with a visual impairment, the school box is now also available as an accessible version. The materials in this school box are, for example, provided with Braille and have higher contrasts. Teachers from special schools or from schools of joint learning can order or download the accessible school box at the following link:

How to reach the number against sorrow

The offer of the number against sorrow is country widely, anonymously and free of charge from the cell phone and fixed net attainable.

Child and youth telephone 116 111
Mondays to Saturdays from 14 to 20 o'clock

Young people advise young people 116 111
Saturdays from 14 to 20 o'clock

On-line consultation for children and young people

Parents telephone 0800 111 0 550
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 17 o'clock
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 19 o'clock

Information about the number against sorrow

Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. is the umbrella organization of Germany's largest free telephone counseling service for children, young people and parents. Nummer gegen Kummer is also the helpline of the German Safer Internet Centre of the European Union. The Safer Internet Centre Germany is coordinated by klicksafe.