Do good online" theme month at Handysektor

Making the Internet a better place through positive use - that was the motto of this year's Safer Internet Day. With the themed special "Doing Good Online," is also joining the call and asking young people to get involved in making the Internet a better place.

Whether it's a commitment to aid projects, supporting weaker classmates or campaigning against hate speech, they can also help on the Internet with small gestures.

"Swipe to help" - Using your smartphone to fight hunger
Even young people want to get involved, but often don't find the time in their everyday lives between school, studying and soccer club, or don't even know where exactly to start. Whether they are interested in protecting animals and nature or want to buy a meal for children in need, Handysektor shows apps and web services that can be used to support good projects in a low-threshold way and often with just a few clicks.

Learning better together
If you talk about exchanging and sharing in the context of school, alarm bells quickly ring, especially among adults: "It's all about copying!" However, the Internet offers completely new possibilities for cooperation in learning that go far beyond copying math homework. Handysektor presents practical tools and websites that enable productive collaboration and stimulate a creative exchange from which all students can benefit.

Being nice is contagious
The communication culture on the Internet can also be stressful for young people. According to the results of the current JIM study, one in five young people report having experienced insults and bullying online. Handysektor is therefore calling on young people to respond to insulting comments and nasty remarks online with friendliness and to simply give compliments instead of negative remarks. Under the motto Lovestorm statt Shitstorm, the campaign also draws attention to the new project "Werte leben online" (Living values online) by Juuuport e.V.

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