Available for order again: The flyer on the media usage contract

How long are children allowed to watch TV, play on the computer or surf the Internet? These are questions that repeatedly lead to conflicts between parents and their children. In order to reach a binding agreement, klicksafe and Internet-ABC have developed an online tool for creating a media use agreement. In this way, parents and their children can individually determine which media and content can be used by the children and for how long.

The online tool is available at www.mediennutzungsvertrag.de. It is prominently supported by Ralph Caspers, known from the WDR children's programs "Die Sendung mit der Maus" and "Wissen macht AH!

To make it easier to use and provide additional support, the flyer"Media in the Family: Finding Rules - Avoiding Disputes" can now be ordered again. The flyer has been completely revised and adapted to the new klicksafe design. It contains extensive pedagogical tips for drawing up a media use contract and link tips to other helpful offers on safe and balanced media use in the family.

The flyer"Media in the Family: Find Rules - Avoid Disputes" is available both as a print version to order and as a PDF to download.

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