(Cyber)Bullying - klicksafe supports "Eyes open" campaign

TV station SAT.1 dedicates a theme day on April 4 to (cyber)bullying and raises awareness with celebrity supporters.

Around one in three young people(JIM study 2016) has witnessed someone in their circle of acquaintances being bullied online. With campaigns, workshops and comprehensive information and teaching materials and offers for young people, parents and educators, klicksafe has been campaigning for many years to combat (cyber)bullying. As a cooperation partner, the EU initiative also supports SAT.1's Stop Bullying campaign, in which numerous celebrities participate on-air and online. The issue is also attracting a great deal of public attention thanks to the (cyber)bullying drama "Nackt. Das Netz vergisst nie," starring Felicitas Woll and Martin Gruber, which airs on SAT.1 at 8:15 p.m. on April 4.


Information and materials from klicksafe on the topic of (cyber)bullying: