European Day of Action against Sexual Exploitation of Children

Today is "End Child Sex Abuse Day". The European day of action focuses on the topic of sexual exploitation of children. klicksafe and its partners in the Safer Internet DE network are participating again this year with information offerings and a virtual parents' evening.

Since 2015, the European Day of Action has been drawing attention to the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. This year, the focus is on the risks that can arise from image or video material made by children themselves. In raising awareness of this sensitive topic, the impression should not be created that children and young people are partly to blame. klicksafe would like to support you in your prevention work and offers information and tips:

  • In the topic Cyber Grooming we inform about the strategies of perpetrators to prepare sexual abuse online. A typical approach is to get children to provide intimate pictures of themselves under false pretenses. This usually involves exploiting the underage victim's lack of awareness. As soon as the perpetrators are in possession of the material, they threaten to make everything public in order to extort new material or an offline meeting. Under the menu item "Protecting children and young people"menu item, you will find tips on how to make children and young people aware of these dangers in a way that is appropriate to their age.
  • The topic of sexting is about self-created images and video material that is usually shared among peers. In principle, this showing of one's body and sexuality is part of the normal sexual development of children and young people. However, major problems can also arise here if the images or videos originally shared voluntarily and consensually are shared with other people without consent. In an article, klicksafe reported on this problem and the specific relevance under criminal law when disseminating images of children. Under the menu items "What can go wrong?" and "What to do if it goes wrong? "those affected or those who want to help can find information on prevention and damage limitation.

Virtual parents' evening by eco, FSM and

Under the title "Cybergrooming, abuse depictions, sexual violence/exploitation and Co. - what parents and educators need to know to accompany children online and protect them from dangers", will take place on Wednesday, November 18 from 17:00 - 18:00 hrs. a free webinar will take place. During the virtual parents' evening, the experts from the complaints offices(eco, FSM and will show various ways in which parents, educational professionals, children and young people can become active online themselves in dangerous situations and give tips on media education within the family with regard to information, protection and prevention. In addition, the legal framework and background of criminal content on the Internet will be examined in more detail, and the staff of the complaints offices will be available to answer any questions parents, educators and other interested parties may have. Interested parties can register free of charge and without obligation. Registration is still possible during the event.

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