Handysektor-Spezial: Apps and smartphones at school

It's hard to imagine young people's lives without smartphones and apps. The devices and services are not only used in leisure time, but also increasingly at school - with advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, the multimedia all-rounders sometimes distract from lessons or fuel cyberbullying; on the other hand, they are helpful tools for teaching and offer creative potential. Therefore, the youth portal www.handysektor.de offers practical help for the safe and sensible use and thematization of smartphones and apps in school.

Checklist: Apps in the classroom

Apps can add multimedia to lessons, but their use is often hampered by unclear legal regulations, data protection issues and insufficient data security. A new checklist helps educators decide whether or not to use an app in the classroom. Handysektor has also tested selected apps that are suitable for use in schools and lessons. The app tests provide an overview of the functions and possible uses, but also point out potential problems.

Clear rules with cell phone regulations

Cell phones at school have always been a contentious issue. Often, a cell phone ban is perceived as the only means to control the devices in the classroom and on the schoolyard. Handysektor presents an alternative in the form of cell phone regulations that take into account the wishes and needs of students, teachers and parents, and harness the potential of smartphones in the classroom. A guideline for the elaboration gives important aspects and questions and provides examples from practice.

Tutoring on the web: learning videos on YouTube

YouTube is not just a place for entertainment; the video platform now offers numerous channels that can usefully supplement homework and teaching. How does fractions work? How did the Cuban Missile Crisis come about? How does a current divider work? There is nothing that is not explained on YouTube. Handysektor shows teens and educators an overview of good learning channels, organized by subject, and also points out the limitations of tutoring videos.

More material can be found in the Handysektor educators' corner with a variety of teaching units, explanatory videos, infographics and comic flyers. Information for teachers is also available in printed form - for example, for display in the staff room or at events. Click here to order.


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