AGBs in briefNow available for order: Info material about Twitch, Discord and Zoom

Terms of use for apps and online services are often long and difficult to understand. Users therefore rarely read them and have little chance of understanding the content. Our "Terms of use in brief" series offers help! Here we present the most important aspects of popular services. Information on the services Twitch, Discord and Zoom is now available for order.

What many users are often not aware of: agreeing to the terms and conditions means entering into a binding relationship with the service. And possibly giving permission for extensive data processing. With "Terms of use in brief", klicksafe and Handysektor want to help you learn more about your favorite apps. In addition to the three newest services Zoom, Discord and Twitch there is also information on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Fortnite, Spotify, Netflix, Signal and Pinterest.

What is really important?

A major challenge with terms of use is to discover the information that is important in everyday life. That's why the fact sheets provide an overview of important categories such as privacy, security or costs.
They also show the ways in which services reuse private data. The rules of conduct specified in apps are also addressed. For example, the ban on sending chain letters in WhatsApp.

Free to download and order

The materials of the series "Terms of use in brief" are available in the klicksafe ordering system are available for download. In addition, we offer the Teaching unit "AGB? Understanding the terms of use". for download.