JUUUPORT: Messenger counseling for young people

The JUUUPORT scouts now also advise on WhatsApp & Telegram! Always on weekdays from 4 to 6 pm.

Following a successful test phase, JUUUPORT is today launching a privacy-compliant messenger counseling service via WhatsApp and Telegram, which is intended to expand the existing online counseling service via the contact form on JUUUPORT.de. The aim is to establish a low-threshold advice channel for young people where they can get quick help with cyberbullying, data theft, online rip-offs, cybergrooming, Internet addiction or other problems online.
The counseling service accommodates the usage habits of young people and reaches in particular those who do not dare to ask parents, teachers or friends for help or do not get any there. The counseling is provided by peers without pointing fingers and thus enables an exchange at eye level. JUUUPORT's new counseling channel is particularly relevant in light of the current Corona situation, as adolescents and young adults do not feel abandoned despite their isolation at home.

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