NEW: Seitenstark chat available as an app

Mobile secure communication on smartphone & Co.

The secure Seitenstark chat for children is also accessiblevia appfrom smartphone and tablet as of 24.01.2017. 

The smartphone is also an important everyday companion for adolescents. Already 91% of children between the ages of 12 and 13 own a smartphone. They use it most often to go online. The current figures from the JIM Study 2016 also show that things can go wrong. 25% of 12- and 13-year-olds have already experienced cyberbullying. But harassment also continues to be the order of the day on unmoderated platforms. 

Strengthening media competence in online communication in a targeted manner and preparing children for communication in unmoderated spaces, such as in messengers, is the aim of the Seitenstark chat. Children can now communicate with each other directly via the SeitenstarkChat app in addition to the web version in the media-pedagogically supervised and protected learning space

The app is also translated into Arabic, making it easier for Arabic-speaking refugee children and young people to get started with the chat. The Seitenstark chat can thus also be used as a German learning tool. Starting in February, there will be regular translation chats in which German- and Arabic-speaking children can communicate directly with each other in their respective native languages. This offer is unique. 

Accompanying topic chats, such as "Typically German - Typically Different" or "Religions of the World," support active discussion of important social issues, promote participation and break down barriers. In addition, children learn how to write about controversial topics on the web without being offended. 

For the launch of the app on 24.01.2017, there will be an additional themed chat "The SeitenstarkChat app" from 16:00 -18:00, where all questions about the new app, but also about apps in general can be asked. Children can learn, for example, what they should pay attention to when downloading an app or what hidden costs can sometimes lurk. 

The Seitenstark chat and its further developments are supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB). The core theme of the project in 2016 and 2017 is integration and participation through mobile, secure online communication for refugees and children from Germany. 

The app is available for the Android operating system from 24.01.2017 in the Google Playstore and is of course free of charge and ad-free.