New brochure from JUUUPORT: Tips for your online behavior

How can I defend myself against cyberbullying? How do I deal with sexting? How do I avoid WhatsApp stress? - Young people in particular are confronted with different content and challenges online. The online counseling service JUUUPORT answers important questions about dealing with problems online and offers helpful tips in the new brochure "Tips for your online behavior".

Online, we sometimes feel invisible and don't know exactly how to behave. We make contact, but don't have to look the other user in the eye. Especially when we post something about others, leave a comment or share an intimate picture, we can't necessarily gauge what that will trigger in the other person. So it's important that young people in particular understand that there are rules of conduct online, too. These not only serve to protect personal data and privacy, but also promote respectful interaction. The new JUUUPORT brochure provides a concise overview of important web topics that young people should be aware of. In addition to tips on how to deal with cyber-bullying or sexting, the brochure provides, among other things, an insight into important rights that apply online, as well as tips on how to deal with hate speech.

The brochure can be ordered free of charge on the JUUUPORT website or downloaded as a PDF.

About JUUUPORT is a nationwide online counseling platform for young people who have problems online. Voluntarily active teenagers and young adults from all over Germany, the JUUUPORT scouts, help their peers with online problems such as cyberbullying, stress in social media, online rip-offs and data theft. 
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