New Challenge from SELMA and klicksafe: Together against Online Hate Speech

In cooperation with the SELMA project (, klicksafe is offering a participatory campaign for schools and non-school educational partners, in which young people can use small everyday actions to promote positive coexistence. The five most active teams in Germany receive 5 euros per participant for the class fund, capped at 200 euros per group.

Promoting tolerance and empathy is a good way to achieve respectful interaction online and prevent hate speech. And it's something we can all do in our daily lives. In cooperation with the SELMA Hacking Hate project, klicksafe would like to show how you can bring about a positive change in your own environment with 12 everyday actions as part of the Anti Hate Speech Challenge.

Take part!
To take part in the Challenge, youth teams should form to carry out all 12 activities within one month. For example, schools can also hold an internal competition and nominate the most active class. The campaign is also suitable for media outreach projects and media clubs or can be integrated into lessons (e.g. history, social studies or ethics classes).

It is advisable to discuss the content of the participatory action with the young people at the beginning of the month, to plan activities together and to be available as a contact person. Depending on age/experience, groups can also complete the Challenge on their own.

In addition to the Challenge, youth will receive a form to document and summarize their group activities.

Underage teams will need a caregiver to handle the submission and use an evaluation form to define the most active group at the facility. Both forms must be completed in full to be eligible to enter the competition.
Deadline for submission isNovember 15 by email to info[at]

Materials for the Challenge:


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