Social media participation campaign for SID 2023

#OnlineAmLimit: show us your "#expectation" vs. "#reality" situations in everyday life

We all know that expectations and reality diverge: we firmly resolve to read a book again, call grandma or concentrate on studying. The reality then often looks like this: we scroll endlessly through Instagram, watch the two hundredth TikTok or have been playing Fortnite for hours. So balanced media use in our everyday lives is often more expectation than reality.

Have you found yourself wanting to do something specific and then getting stuck on social media or online games? Let us in on it! As part of our #expectation vs. #reality campaign for Safer Internet Day 2023, show us your funniest, most striking, and most interesting "I imagined that to be completely different" moments.  


  1. Take two photos - the first picture shows your #expectation (e.g. studying for an exam) and the other picture shows the #reality (binge watching on Netflix).  Of course, you can also create a video or reel. 
  2. If you like, you can print our #expectation and #reality templates (version 1 and version 2) beforehand and integrate them into your photos or video. You can also link the hashtags directly.
  3. On Safer Internet Day (February 07, 2023), upload both images or your video as a post or story on Instagram or Facebook, or share them on Twitter.
  4. Don't forget: put the hashtag #OnlineAmLimit and tag us @klicksafe so we can see and share your #expectation vs. #reality.

There are no limits to your creativity. For inspiration, here is a small example: