Digital offerings for older people: how do I make them known?

Online action

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
10:00 - 11:30

10117 Berlin

Target Group(s)

People from the living environment of older people


Digital angel

Would you like to support older people in using the Internet safely? Would you like to initiate your own program for older people or expand it to include digital content? The Digital Angel offers free learning opportunities for people from the living environment of older people who are interested in imparting and passing on knowledge.

Older people are a heterogeneous group. Some either feel less addressed by educational offers or are not reached at all by the available offers.

In this training, we would like to start by giving you recommendations on how to identify the needs of the target group and what basic approaches should be taken when developing needs-based offerings.

During our tour with the Infomobile, we learned that the question of "why digitization?" is of high importance for many seniors. We would therefore like to give you tips on how to encourage and motivate older people to try out digital services. In doing so, we will also show you how you can advertise the (course) offerings through suitable information material.

Finally, in a practice-oriented discussion, we will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other participants about which media you would like to use to advertise your offering and which aspects you consider particularly relevant when putting this into practice.

We look forward to your participation. Since the number of places is limited, we ask for your registration.

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