More safety on the Internet for our children

Action on TV / Radio

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
06:00 - 18:00

Wetzlarer Str. 44
14482 Potsdam

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What to do about fake news in class chat rooms, how to create a secure password, how to find reliable information for a school presentation? - On the occasion of the international Safer Internet Day on February 7, 2023, Radio TEDDY - Germany's first children's and family radio station - will work with experts to provide detailed answers, explanations and tips on how to use the web safely.

Under this year's thematic focus "OnlineAmLimit - your net. your life. your limits," the popular program sections "Radio TEDDY-Webcheck," "Radio TEDDY-Know this?" and "Tips for Kids," among others, will focus on different topics and cover a variety of subjects. IT experts, psychologists and media specialists analyze, question and explain in interviews, for example, what fascinates children so much about the Internet world, how fair discussions can be held in the net world, how the potential for addiction can be recognized and how this can be successfully countered, and how the "digital balance" can be maintained, so to speak.

News, moderations and all Radio TEDDY program sections will be dedicated to Safer Internet Day 2023 on February 7. Throughout the day, young listeners will learn in child-friendly form, among other things, what a secure password is, what consequences fake news can have or why a "private profile" is so important ... In addition, parents receive tips on what goes on in the kiddies' heads when it comes to "Fascination with the Net", how they can successfully counteract "too much time on the Net" and how they can give their offspring professional support, e.g. in game chats. The most important information and much more will also be available in the new Radio TEDDY+ app.

Radio TEDDY program director Roland Lehmann on the thematic special on the occasion of Safer Internet Day: "Today, children take the Internet absolutely for granted. However, parents quickly reach their limits when it comes to raising children. Radio TEDDY provides both children and parents with competent answers and tips to all their questions. Everything always at eye level with the family, always according to our motto 'Radio TEDDY - Macht Spaß! Makes smart!"

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