Selfies, sexting, self-presentation

Language: english

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 49 Pages


Published by: klicksafe and Handysektor

Target Group: Educators


klicksafe provides the popular teaching material "Mobile Media - New Challenges: Selfies, sexting, self-portrayal" also available in English:

Lesson materials
Communication and self-portrayal on the internet are part of young people's media habits as they're using services such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat. The teaching material by klicksafe & handysektor "Selfies, Sexting, Self-Portrayal" supports teachers in approaching topics such as self-portrayal in social media in the classroom. The material includes explainer videos, worksheets and other sources to talk to young people and encourages to deal with personal data in a reasonable way.