Expert talk with Madita Oeming (1): What do we actually mean by pornography?

Expert interview


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When it comes to the topic of pornography, different attitudes and points of view quickly arise - pornography polarizes. But what do we actually mean by pornography? One thing is clear: there is no simple definition. We asked Madita Oeming, an independent pornography researcher, about this.

In the klicksafe expert talk on the topic of "Young people & pornography"  we talk to Madita Oeming. She is a literature and cultural studies scholar and, as an independent porn researcher, has set herself the task of changing the public discourse on pornography. You can find information about Madita Oeming and her work at:

The klicksafe expert talk on the topic of "Young people & pornography" is part of the klicksafe campaign "Let's talk about porn" for Safer Internet Day 2024. The campaign focuses on protecting and educating children and young people about pornographic content and digital boundary violations. All information and further materials can be found at: