New at klicksafeSTAY SAFE! 5 tips for AI in everyday school life

Since ChatGPT, the topic of "AI" has arrived in the public consciousness and also in classrooms. Young people need support to be able to use AI-based tools sensibly and safely in the school context. For this purpose, klicksafe has developed a new flyer in cooperation with Safe im Recht. Recent reports from Spain in particular show what happens when such tools are used irresponsibly by adolescents. Several teenagers had created and distributed AI-generated nude images of more than 20 girls, so-called deepnudes.

Generative AI tools mark a new milestone in the history of human-machine interaction. They are literally turning the education system upside down. Since ChatGPT appeared on the scene at the end of last year, the topic of "artificial intelligence" has reached not only the general population, but also classrooms and teachers' rooms. Students are excited about the new possibilities offered by ChatGPT and Co. And teachers are increasingly discussing whether and how such tools can be usefully integrated into the school context. The fact is: they offer many useful functions and advantages, but also have their weak points and limitations. What is also clear is that generative AI tools like ChatGPT are here to stay. Banning their use among students therefore falls short.

New klicksafe flyer for young people

The new klicksafe flyer "BLEIB SAFE! 5 tips for AI in everyday school life" informs young people about how to deal with AI tools in the school context. It explains what they should consider when using ChatGPT & Co. for their tasks. Tips include fact-checking and source-checking the generated content, as well as thinking independently and engaging with the AI output. The flyer also covers the topics of copyright and data protection and shows students what they need to be aware of in this regard. In conclusion, the aim is for everyone to benefit from the advantages of such AI tools in the best possible way by understanding how they work and where the associated limits and risks lie.

The flyer contains a poster on the back that summarizes the most important "Dos" and "Don'ts" in short form and can be hung up in the classroom, for example. Discuss together with your students how to use such AI tools in the classroom context and agree on further common rules.

The information material was developed in cooperation with Safe im Recht.

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