New editionSCROLLER media magazine: Fascination AI

How can you distinguish AI images from others? Can AI also be creepy? And how do artificially intelligent systems actually work? The latest issue of the media magazine for children and young people is about mystical stories, exciting interviews and creative tips for everyone who wants to find their way safely in the digital world.

In most cases, "artificial intelligence to participate" is only possible with adult accompaniment. But in the new issue of SCROLLER, children and young people between the ages of 9 and 14 are given interactive insights into the possibilities that artificial intelligence already offers us today, even without their own accounts for ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. - and are made aware of the challenges they face.

Accompanied by Tom and Trixi in 3D, the young readers learn more about the history of artificial intelligence, understand how prompts are created and learn to distinguish AI-generated images from others.


The free, multimedia digital magazine from Teachtoday, Deutsche Telekom's initiative, combines expert knowledge from research with many years of educational experience and offers a variety of interactive graphics, quizzes, audio and video contributions. Digital phenomena are presented in an understandable way and can be experienced interactively.

For teachers, there is SCROLLER EDU+, an additional media-didactic accompanying offer, which is provided free of charge via Teachtoday.

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