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In yesterday's TV show "Lass dich überwachen!" (Let yourself be monitored!), satirist Jan Böhmermann focused on the handling of personal data on the Internet in an entertaining way. The appeal is clear: Watch what you do on the Internet, because the Internet doesn't forget anything! What should users watch out for when surfing the net? We have compiled materials, tips and information for educators, parents and young people on the subject of data protection.

YouTube, Ebay Classifieds, PayPal, Facebook or Spotify - when we use digital services, we leave personal traces on the web. As part of the TV show "Lass Dich überwachen," the editorial team scoured the web for freely accessible information from the studio guests in the run-up to the broadcast. During the show, some funny, embarrassing and, above all, very personal information came to light.

In the age of data protection scandals, it is more important than ever not to post personal information and content lightly. Almost all providers of digital services collect and evaluate a large amount of personal information from users. But it is often not clear what data is collected and for what purpose. It is therefore all the more important to be as data-saving as possible on the Internet and to use the privacy settings. You can find out how to do this in our materials.

How much does the Internet know?

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